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Where Does Mold Grow in Commercial Business

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

mold found beneath wallpaper, lower half of the wall only, black colored mold spanning length of the wall Crew discovered this mold growing on the lower half of the wall. Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900 if you have similar mold.

From the musty smell and discoloration it causes to the water damage that often accompanies its presence, mold growth has no place in your business. Mold can pop up in some of the most unlikely places, but if you have a good understanding of where to begin your search, you stand a much better chance of getting it under control.

Here are its three favorite hiding spots.

1. Bathrooms

Wherever there is high humidity, you will likely find mold. This becomes even more likely if the bathroom has hot water, since warm temperatures are another key ingredient for mold growth. Mold likes to find nice, shadowy corners of dark cavities behind wet walls to do its dirty work.

2. Water Heaters

Since warmth and water are likely to encourage mold, it comes as no surprise that water heaters are a favorite hangout spot for mold. As water heaters age, they often begin to rust. This can then lead to rupturing and leaks. If these leaks go ignored, not only can the mold problem worsen, but water damage is now a concern.

3. Air Conditioners

Yes, believe it or not, your beloved A/C units invite mold. Like water heaters, they can leak or create condensation on their unit, allowing just enough moisture for mold to grow. This can lead to mold in the HVAC system's drain pans, the enclosed space the unit sits, it terminal units or ductwork, or beneath the carpet of a floor often dampened by the dripping of a wall unit overhead. Like water heaters, this constant dripping from AC units can also lead to water damage over time.

Mold growth in commercial buildings of Bartlett/Cordova can prove extremely problematic, but knowing the most likely places mold pops up is an excellent proactive start to finding a solution. Still, for those times when the damage is already done, it’s good to know there are restoration companies to get things back to normal. Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

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