Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage in an apartment

Apartment Fire

This apartment suffered from smoke odor after the apartment above them caught fire.  SERVPRO responded quickly and was able to use air scrubbers with charcoal filters to remove the smell successfully. 

Damage from chimney fire

Chimney Fire

A chimney fire caused this damage. There was a lot of damage and the homeowner thought this was going to be a total loss, but we came in and were able to salvage this home!

Fire damage from space heater

F.R.O.G. Fire

This room was damaged by fire when a space heater was left running while the homeowner was gone. We had to replace quite a bit of material, but we left it looking good as new!

Fire damage in kitchen

Burner Left On

One of this stove's burners was accidentally left on with something on it. It cause a fire to erupt which was quickly contained by a quick thinking homeowner, but the damage had been done. 

Damage from kitchen fire

Fire Damaged Kitchen

This kitchen was suffered a large amount of fire damage. As you can see from the photo, this was a stove fire that spread rapidly. We were able to repair the damage quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO truck in front of house

Kitchen Fire

This home was damaged when a fire started in the kitchen. The fire was quickly contained but left the family devastated. We were able to help them overcome there concerns and get their kitchen back.

Damage from both fire and water

Fire Causes More Than One Problem

Fire is bad enough and this one was no exception. The fire suppression did it's job and contained the fire. However, it left the kitchen with fire damage and water everywhere. Not for long though, thanks to our excellent team of technicians!