Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Containment set up

Take No Chances

We don't take any chances when dealing with mold in your home. We take containment very seriously. We will take any and all steps necessary to keep the problem contained while cleaning it up.

Mold in wall cavity in basement

Basement Wall Mold

A water leak caused severe mold in the wall of this basement. The customer was very concerned about this mold situation, but we were able to alleviate her concerns and get it taken care of for her.

Evidence of mold on wall

Mold on Wall

A water problem caused by a leaking pipe caused this room to develop mold while the owners were away. We were able to remedy the situation and the owners were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Evidence of mold in basement

Mold Remediation in Basement

This customer called us after going into the basement and seeing tons of mold on the floor joists. We removed the mold and damaged material and replaced what was necessary to leave them with a mold free environment.

SERVPRO cleaning building with mold

SERVPRO is Specially Equipped to Handle Mold

Moisture in this ceiling caused a serious mold problem. We are equipped with all the proper tools and personal protective equipment necessary to make short work of a situation like this. If you have mold, we can help!

SERVPRO sets up containment

Containment and Negative Air Pressure for Mold Remediation in Cordova

SERVPRO uses procedures and protocols accepted by IICRC for proper, safe removal of mold contaminated materials. This includes containing contaminated materials and preventing the spread of mold through the use of negative air pressure and physical barriers. In commercial mold remediation, we recognize the importance of producing the job with discreetly, professionally, and quickly to get facilities back to business while protecting their patrons and employees from affects of negative environments.